Travel’s PH Factor

Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam) wrote about a trip to Paris with her husband and the key to avoiding that overwhelming feeling that there’s too much to see and not enough time.  Her solution…plan ahead!

It might be too simple to say the more there is to see at a destination, the more you need to plan ahead, but it is certainly one way to make sure you see what’s important to you.  Take Paris for example.

According to a site I reviewed, there were 70 restaurants in Paris, four years ago, with a coveted Michelin rating of 1, 2, or 3 stars.  Good luck walking around the city trying to figure out where to eat, if that’s a key component to your trip.  And you could try and visit each of the over 400 parks and gardens I found listed or tour all 45 monuments and architectural wonders in the city, but I’m guessing you’ll be suffering some type of exhaustion long before your finish.

While spontaneity has it’s place, if you’re trying to maximize your time and minimize the stress, don’t forget the PH Factor…Plan Ahead.


What’s your take on the idea of planning ahead?  How have you ensured your “Best Vacation Ever”?




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