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6th in the World

San Francisco is the World’s 6th Best Place to Visit according to a report  released by U.S. News and we live here so that makes us pretty happy.  It also makes for a couple of good reasons to consider planning a trip to the City by the Bay.

Our Iconic Bridge

“Gateway to Blue” – San Francisco’s Iconic Bridge

As you’d learn in Who Are We, this has been our home for nearly 30 years.  Helping you plan a trip to San Francisco will give us the opportunity to share some local background with you.  There was a book and series a few years back called, ‘Bay Area Back Roads’.  We might be able to point you toward a few back road experiences on your trip.

There’s something special about being in a local resident’s ‘back yard.’  When Ellen and I visited the Boston area years ago, she was amazed at the language difference and couldn’t wait to ask someone to say park the car.  When a man obliged and she heard ‘pahk the cah’, it made the trip that much more memorable.  We don’t think we talk funny but we still might have a surprise or two for you.

Interact with Us

What’s the favorite city you’ve visited?  What would you recommend about it for the first time visitor?  What questions do you have about visiting San Francisco?