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#10 – Forbidden City

True or False: Which statements below are true about the Forbidden City?  I’ve added some helpful (?) comments after each claim.

  1. 980 buildings were constructed from 1406 to 1420 (that’s 14 years, you couldn’t possibly build that many structures so fast)
  2. A Starbucks store opened in 2000 (that coffee place is everywhere, I guess)
  3. More people visit here annually than Golden Gate Park in San Francisco (China…California…why not?)
  4. It’s surrounded by a 151 foot wide moat (right, and my uncle was King Arthur)
  5. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are smaller in area (that can’t be…I love Disneyland)

According to my research, all five are…TRUE!

980 Buildings in 14 Years – The enormity of that construction effort is offset somewhat by another gigantic number, the 1,000,000 people used to complete the task.  Can you imagine how long it would take today to even get all the necessary approvals to build something that large.

Starbucks in 2000 – Yes it was opened but no you can’t buy a Caramel Macchiato there today.  It was closed in 2013 after months of controversy.

Golden Gate Park Loses – According to a Huffington Post article, GGP finished 14th on their list of 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions, four places behind the Forbidden City and more than 2 millions visitors less.

Giant Moat – Actually the moat’s width of 52 meters, which is just a little over half an American football field, isn’t really all that giant.  Though it is larger than most goldfish ponds.

Disneyland vs. Forbidden City –  The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure at 85 and 72 acres respectively still fall short of the over 180 acres of land making up the Chinese attraction.

So there you have it…some interesting (?) facts about the 10th most visited spot in the world.  Do you have your reservations?